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Backflow Prevention Testing Service

    Safe water is everyone's responsibility and concern!

The state of Texas requires backflow prevention devices to be installed and maintained in proper working order for any sprinkler irrigation system. While a licensed irrigator can install a backflow prevention device, a licensed tester must be the one that test the devices. Just as irrigation is regulated by the State and requires licensing, backflow prevention device testing is also regulated by the State. A specific license is required for a tester and forms must usually be completed to show that the backflow device passes the test and functions properly. Thus, it meets the requirements intended by this legislation to ensure the safety of the public and prevent contamination of potable water sources.

The State's requirements makes it the responsibility of the sprinkler irrigation installer and the municipal water district to insure that an approved device is installed. It also puts the responsibility upon the owner to not only insure such a device is present, but the responsibility to insure it's proper working order. Testing on these devices must be done by a Backflow Prevention Tester once a year. Without such passing of the test administered, the water can be shut off until requirements are met. We have on staff a licensed Backflow Prevention Tester and provide that service to you as well as municipalities, irrigation installers and water districts.

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